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For more than 60 years Pres-Vac has led the development of high velocity pressure/vacuum valves and venting equipment to the tanker shipping industry.

 Today, we are the worlds’ leading supplier of high-velocity pressure/vacuum valves and around 50% of all tanker vessels world-wide use Pres-Vac equipment.

 Our products offer an unmatched safety record: More than 100,000 valves have been installed without causing any safety incident on a vessel

 We work with shipyards, naval architects and other partners on all continents and we have a network of highly professional agents and distributors in all major ship owning and ship building countries.



Compliance, Safety and Reliability

Valves and venting systems are critical safety equipment. They operate 24/7, often in very harsh environments and must be 100% failsafe.

Pres-Vac valves have always been designed to meet and exceed all EU and IMO requirements and we have worked together with these organisations for many years to ensure that the strictest, safest and most rigourous standards are adopted.


Research and Innovation

At Pres-Vac Engineering we have always emphasized the importance of R&D and Engineering to develop solutions, that meet the demands of our customers. We are renowned for our ability to develop new and innovative designs.

Milestones in this long list of product creations include:

  • The first true high velocity pressure/vacuum valve,
  • The first high velocity valve with proximity switches and 100% vapor tightness
  • The first non-hammering high velocity valve, valves with life prolonging mechanical damping elements
  • The first remote controlled mast riser valve
  • The first electrically heated flame arresters and valves
  • The first microchip based portable gauging instrument for ullage, interface and temperature.


Quality without Compromise

We use the highest quality steel and material. We control each and every valve before it leaves our factory. We employ the latest design and engineering methodologies and are constantly striving to improve our equipment, solutions and support to you.

Since most of our products are integrated into major pieces of equipment with the need for uninterrupted operations, we supply products of the highest attainable quality.

Quality Control and Assurance is an essential part of all our manufacturing processes, not only on the component level, but also all assemblies and sub-assemblies are subjected to statistical quality control procedures, and traceability of materials in process is assured. This way, we guarantee that only reliable, proven and tested products reach our customers.


Commitment to Service

From our main office, and our network of service centres, we can offer you 24-hour support, 7 days per week, all over the world. Parts are kept in stock for every product forever and are readily available.



 Pres-Vac Engineering ApS is headquartered in Allerød, Denmark and all our main company activities are located there. We also have a sales and support office in Shanghai, China.

We have an extensive global network of agents and representatives around the globe to provide you with advice, technical support and quick access to replacement parts and repairs.

Please Contact us for details about agents and service centres close to you.