Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) sign partnership agreement with Pres-Vac

It stated that the KOTC as a leading oil transporter was chosen as a key partner in the development of environmental protection system that requires the installation of equipment as part of a research to measure and minimize the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC) from oil tankers during transit in local and international waters.


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Focus on 9th Amendment to EU Marine Equipment Directive in force from 4 December 2014

All Pres-Vac equipment delivered to EU flagged vessels after 4 December 2014 is in accordance with the 9thAmendment to EU MED.

This amendment contains updated test requirements for prevention of passage of flame into cargo tanks described in EN ISO 16852:2010.


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MED CERTIFICATION of new series of P/V valves developed for oil carriers

It is a pleasure to announce, that our new series of high velocity pressure/vacuum valves for oil carriers and offshore application, PV-VOC, have been certified by FORCE to comply with EU-MED 96/98/EC rules and regulations including compliance with EU-MED 9thamendment, EN ISO16852 an SOLAS Reg. 11-1/3-12 Noise Code.

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WARNING Non-approval modificaton of Pres-Vac P/V valves.

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