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Conveniently Located Service Network

Pres-Vac has established a network of Service and Repair Centers (SRC’s) consisting of independent local companies, which have the technical skills, adequate training and marine experience to resolve service issues concerning your Pres-Vac products. Our SRC's are conveniently located all over the world to provide you with rapid access to spare parts and qualified service engineers.


If you are in need of assistance and you are located in Scandinavia, call our Headquarter at +45 48 17 40 55 or press the link below to send our aftersales department an email.





Service partners

At PRES-VAC, service is never more than one click or phone call away. Furthermore, to ensure the best service of your product, it is recommended to exclusively use certified PRES-VAC service technicians. To see our certified partners, click the link below.














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Overhaul & Repair Jobs

The SRC's have the experience to deal with any service job involving Pres-Vac valves - from pre-inspection to overhauling (Special Survey Overhaul). Our SRC's have test-rigs available that can be used to provide you and the classification societies with certified test results for the opening settings of your valves.

Spare Parts & Maintenance Kits

Original Spare Parts from Pres-Vac ensure that the valves will operate and comply with international rules and regulations. All PRES-VAC Spare Parts are certified to be installed in situ in accordance with IMO/MSC/Circ. 677/1009 ISO15364, without any further involvement of Recognized Organizations.
Pres-Vac has developed a series of Maintenance Kits, which enables the vessel to carry inexpensive parts on board to cover the most common valve repairs. Pres-Vac has also developed upgrade packages to handle changes in IMO-regulations or cargoes with higher vapour points.


P/V valves are safety equipment designed to open at predefined cargo tank pressure and close at lower pressure. This ensures that the pressure in the individual cargo tank is always within the allowed limits. At worst the inoperability of the valve can lead to severe damages to the vessel or even injury to crew members. It is of the utmust importance that the PV valve is maintained and operates according its specifications and type approval at all times.


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