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Pres-Vac Engineering also manufactures a wide variety of other related products, such as aircaps and air-release/vacuum breakers, liquid overfill protection devices, Test rigs, and valves and venting equipment for various other marine and on shore applications. To view each datasheet, click on the product type.


Aircaps and Air Release / Vacuum Breaker Valves

Aircaps and Air Release / Vacuum Breaker Valves serve two purposes: tank venting and prevent water from entering the tank. Aircaps are installed on service tank air pipes. A wire mesh prevents flames from entering the tank. Pres-Vac offers the following Aircaps and Air Release / Vacuum Breaker Valves.


Liquid Overfill Protection Devices

Liquid overfill protection devices are designed to prevent overpressurization of tanks due to overfilling, which may occur should the high level alarm float be punctured. Not using an overfill protection device could result in a ruptured tank and massive pollution.


Onboard Test Rig

Onboard test rigs are used to verify the set-pressure after maintenance as well as to check for and measure leakage.



Ejectors are not harmed by particles that would destroy ordinary pumps. They are ideal for handling contaminated liquids. Pres-Vac ejectors are sturdy and available in two pressure ranges: low pressure from 2-6 bar and high pressure from 5-15 bar.