The PV-ECO and the PV-VOC are designed based on the experience gained by Pres-Vac over the last 60 years.


The PV-ECO and the PV-VOC are designed using the latest technologies but most importantly, the PV-ECO and PV-VOC are designed based on customer feedback. Over the years, Pres-Vac has had in-depth discussions about issues regarding venting of cargo tanks with major ship owners, yards, and classification societies. The PV-ECO and PV-VOC continue the tradition of tough and durable marine products that Pres-Vac is renowned for, ensuring that the customer receives a product with a long life time and stable performance.

The PV-ECO and PV-VOC are designed on the same framework, but have widely different performance characteristics, enabling customers to use the two valves for different applications.



PV-ECO: The Chemical Tanker P/V Valve

The PV-ECO is designed for use on Chemical Carriers and Product Carriers addressing the special requirements for P/V valves. The PV-ECO offers:

  • Superior performance to keep costs of the venting system down.
  • Configurability to match the requirements of the yards and owners.
  • Low cargo emissions to reduce loss of cargo during transit.
  • Approval to work for long pipes, increasing the flexibility in the piping design for the yard.
  • Simplified maintenance, reducing disassembly time by 60%.
  • Lower number of parts, lowering the maintenance cost.



PV-VOC: The Crude Oil Tanker P/V Valve

The PV-VOC is designed to meet the requirements that larger Crude Oil Carriers have for P/V valves. The PV-VOC is designed to reduce the amount of cargo vapor by implementing a special 2-step opening sequence.


PV Eco Specifications pic

PV-ECO and PV-VOC: Designed for Superior Performance

Maximum Capacity:

The PV-ECO is designed to cater to the venting needs of Chemical Carriers and Product Carriers. The PV-ECO valve covers a minimum pipe diameter range of DN 65 to DN 100 and a venting capacity from 400 Nm3/h to 2,600 Nm3/h. The opening pressure setting is adjustable on both the PV-ECO and PV-VOC and goes from 10 kPa (1.45 psi) up to 70 kPa (10.15 psi).

The PV-VOC covers a venting range from approx. 2,600 Nm3/h to approx. 12,000 Nm3/h and a minimum pipe diameter range from DN 125 to DN 250 aiming at the need of VLCC and off-shore installations. Larger pipe diameter can of course be used. By optimizing the design of the inside of the housing it has been possible to increase the venting capacity by approx. 30% compared to the Pres-Vac HS-ISO valve.

Long Pipe Length from Tank to Valve:

The PV-ECO has been optimized to work on a pipe length of 50 meters. This gives the shipyard additional flexibility in designing venting solutions, thereby minimizing investments, reducing maintenance costs and optimizing crew safety.

High Tank Pressure:

Both the PV-ECO and the PV-VOC can be configured to have an opening setting of up to 70 kPa, enabling very high tank pressure that works as a catalyst for low cargo emissions.