Non-Oscillating, High Velocity Type HS-ISO ValveHS ISO small

The high velocity type HS-ISO P/V vent is the first non-oscillating valve. It combines the best of non-hammering weight loaded valves with the best of magnet loaded valves.

Type HS-ISO is designed with the guidelines of ISO 15364 in mind and represents the highest level of safety and maintenance-free operation available. It eliminates pressure surge and VOC loss. It has multi-adjustable features for opening and closing pressure with an optimum characteristic in regard to pipe diameter savings and minimization of vapour loss. The working pressure can be increased by 25-50% without reducing safety margins.

Narrowing the working pressure span with a non-oscillating valve type will significantly reduce the anticipated VOC loss, which on a VLCC is estimated at several hundred thousand dollars yearly. For many crude oil applications, the vapour loss reduction will repay a retrofit in a matter of a voyage or two.

Type HS-ISO generates significant operational cost savings and also results in tremendous vapour loss reduction. By selecting Type HS-ISO, yards can also achieve significant savings; for example, as a general rule of thumb the vent piping diameter can be reduced at least one nominal size because of the special and novel flow characteristics. And for operators, the unique design of Type HS-ISO means that valve inspection, cleaning, and part replacement can be quickly and easily done on-deck, without the need to dismantle or lap the seats. Cleaning takes place based on visual inspection, i.e., when needed and not according to a theoretical schedule.

The net clearance through the valve provides full capacity regardless of defective coating/corrosion without risk of jamming. A complete overhaul and replacement of gas sealing parts can be done in less than 5 minutes.