VOC Management Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves

The VOCON system is a procedure developed by Intertanko outlining how to limit manual release to a tank pressure around the TVP of the cargo, rather than far below it. It is a prudent and logical step forward in managing cargo loss and involves two pieces of equipment:

a) constant pressure valves and
b) an automated release valve operating according to the VOCON procedure.

The individual valves are referred to as the VOCstop system, while the central, automated system for gas release is referred to as the VOCON valve system. The key element of the VOVON valve system is a centralized release valve that features: remote-controlled opening and closing, automatic reflection of cargo temperature changes and is fail-safe in case of power failure. The system is used primarily on oil carriers.

The system works with either hydraulic or electrical actuators or with a self-contained Ex-approved hydraulic/electric actuator to avoid interference with an existing hydraulic system (e.g., for system upgrades). The opening and closing pressure is remotely controlled from the C.C.R. via a PLC-unit, incorporating the physical properties of a given crude oil.